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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 11, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> he closed two-thirds of the gap this week. >> all right, thank you very much. here is lou dobbs. lou: i am lou dobbs, damns ne ing new report. finding that obama administration manipulated and falsified intelligence on the islamic state to make it appear as if the obama white house were winning the war on terror, top officials at u.s. central command gave a rosie view, of military success, when the facts on the group were far from rosie. and reasonable conclusions different from those offered by central command to the obama white house.
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i'll be talking with congressman brad win strom . bolsters donald trump's claim that president obama is unfit to be commander in chief, telling supporters that president obama and hillary clinton in effect, co, cofounded the islamic state. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis, they are the founders. i think we'll give hillary clinton the you know -- if you are a sports team, most valuable player, you get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is barack obama. >> i'll talk with a gold star mother who lost her son in battle in afghanistan, karen
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vaughn is joining me, she is backing donald trump on be our next commander in chief. >> a day to celebrate in markets, all markets closing at record highs, first time that happened since december 31, 1999, that all three major indexes closed at record highs on the same session. trump economy adviser david malpass will join me, and talk about the political economy, trump's plan to bring jobs back to america. our top story, the bombshell report from a join congressional task force, details how u.s. central command, falsifies and doctored islamic state intelligence report. congressman mike pompeii one of the task force leaders with the findings. >> being manipulated in one direction that changes all made it appear that united states was more successful in defeating isis than it really of the, you remember president
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called isis the jc, saying that al qaeda was on the run, senior intelligence leaders were molding intelligence to fit that story line. >> a stun be conclusion, a cunning report a task force leader, congressman brad he serves on select committee on intelligence, and a lieutenant colonel in army reserve, and medical doctor. i have to say, this the finding of this report, should result in prosecution of people should is not? this is falsifying intelligence, this is by men and women in our armed services playing to political direction ordered by the white house, it i appalling. >> well-being we're not finished yet, this is a
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preliminary report, this to me is phase one of what we want to discover, whistle-blowers came forward, said their analysis of ain' intelligence in iraq was being water down, a survey done over 40% of analyst. we only wanted to put forward intelligence that had 100% certainly, someone who knows how that works you never have 100% certainty. but for combatant in field they need to know what is out there. and to what degree threat is. and so they started taking their information from the operational side, what people on the ground were fighting what say saw rather then intelligence community saw in the theater. lou: that makes sense. an old rule in boykin teligent, and -- both
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intelligence and journalism first take the view on the ground. 50 intelligence analyst, over a year ago, told everyone, that there is a problem with these people in centcom, they are distorting intelligence, doing so to win or at least, either political favor or to avoid a problem in friction and conflict with the white house. i mean -- why are we talking about this so so late? why hasn't something been gone? my god we still have men and women in harm's way in this fight. what kind of military do we have? what kind of command structure do we have? what kind of congress and white house do w we have that this takes over a year to take to conclusion. >> many thing we asked for we still do not have, we're waiting to hear when the
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ig report says as well, someone who serves i wanted to know every bit of intelligence, i end to the want anything suppressed. it is beyond me, that this is taking place within the military, and there are examples, you hear central command say, that basically like you said that there are a run. they are talking a different posture, in a defensive posture. and then, a little bit later, ramadi falls, so we're seeing different reports, in front of congress from general austin who said we broke their command and control, then later brennan said they are organized and disciplineed and committedded to battle and have revenue this is a horrible thing. shows when a break down there it, we're trying to find is where the nefarious behavior is coming from. lou: i commend you for that and your colleagues. at the same time, donald trump says, that president obama and
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hillary clinton are the cofounders of the islamic state. this report suggesteds that is right. >> well there are some people that think they say something, therefore it is, that is not the fact, unfortunately for our troops and nation, there are people that have to endure what is really going on, as opposed to the fantasy that is put forward. and that is a situation we find ourselves in in with this, it was during this certain time frame, currently things seem to be better, you know, mr. trump will say what he has to say, i will contend we never should have left iraq we won that war. we had a lot of people, that gave their lives, on behalf of that war. we won, then we let it go. lou: you could argue you we won it twice but you can also argue that a military that has a general david petraeus setting forward doctrine that is called long war, and we're
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still in conflict 17 years after the attack, of september 11, is a military with its head securely directed in the wrong direction. >> when you hear someone say that isis is just a bunch of guys with rifles and pickup trucks, and they are not gone. well, you don't have good intelligence. lou: yeah, it is -- it is incredible. clinton e-mail scandal, goes on without consequence. the clinton foundation looks for all of the world like not a hedge fund, it looks like a contraption of subterfuge to avoid u.s. law that requires foreign government stay out of u.s. presidential election created just for that purpose. there will be a consequence if your judgment? >> unfortunately we're seeing a level of untrustworthiness
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that, i don't think that we've seen before in public office. i am ope old enough toern remember watergate, the stuff that people are getting away with today is beyond miment i imagination, you know i came into congress i had to give up all kinds of connects. it is just unbelieve able how much do you put up with, my question to people, is this somebody you would leave your children with, it is not me. lou: a great question. but it is our children. their grandchildren, and theirs. we're talking about a very important election. if people have no more sense courage, energy, than to stand up with integrity say this will not stand, then this country will not stand. congressman brad.
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>> we have all god t got to do it i appreciate you pounding away on it. lou: congressman thank you for your services to nation as well. which is in full, thank you so much. >> we're coming right back much more ahead. stay with us. >> donald trump says that hillary clinton's scripted speeches are snoozers. >> they are so short, they don't last long, they are like 10 minutes, let's get out of here, go home go to sleep. plan 3 days later she gets up does another one and goes back home and goes to sleep. >> ebony williams and charlie hurt will join me next. >> this hang glider above new zealand for a remarkable ride. we shows and video and his amazing landing after this break, we're coming right back. stay with us. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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♪ everything is cool when you're watching a screen ♪ ♪ everything is awesome, ♪ when you're sharing a meme ♪ ♪ a voice remote, "show me angry kings" ♪ ♪ you know what's awesome? everything! ♪ ♪ apps that please, more selfies, ♪ ♪ endless hours of the best tvs ♪ ♪ brand new apps, shows to go, ♪ ♪ awesome internet that's super whoa... ♪ ♪ everything is awesome xfinity. the future of awesome. lou: donald trump today campaigning across the state of florida, speaking to conservative pastors in orlando. republican nominee warned of weak support in state of utah, where mor more month -- mormons play a big part in republican politics. >> having a problem in utah,
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it is a different place. i don't know -- is anyone here from utah? it anit is -- i didn't think so, we're having a problem, because you know, look. it could cost us a supreme court. >> joining me now, charlie hurt, ebony williams. >> thank you. lou: start with first donald trump's reference there. he did not say that mormon appears to be involved, mitt romney, senator mike lie lee, the list goes on, it looks like games are being played. >> i agree, i think he was not so thinly veiling a call out to sort of the mormon mafia so to speak, romney and lee. a lot of my republican friends
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are over rom me whateve romney whatever they think of trump. lou: he has such influence in u. >> absolutely, if a republican managed to lose utah, in a general election, it is a massive hard on over say the what a problem that would be. and i think ebony if right, i think a lot of people are growing tired of this interferancence from people like mitt romney, they will have real questions to answer if they throw this in a way that undermines donald trump's victory, because the supreme court is at stake here. and i can assure you one thing, while utaha might not be supportive of donald trump right now they care about
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anyone on the right from supreme court. lou: you would think they would, but there is a globalist view, a perspective on part of mormon church. now an independent candidate. who is mormon, it is not a coincidence, it is an organized to disrupt donald trump's candidacy. >> who will be accountable there are sad dopey pictures of paul ryan, and who'll answer for loss of republican party, and the loss of white house? lou: yeah. >> they are wrong questions to be asking. lou: wrong. >> i think premature, talk about who will be responsible for defeat. lou: the right question i ask. >> time to stop undermining, if you are serious about
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winning the white house talk to your candidate. >> they are saying their values are and i think this is correct, what we're hearing from a number of people within the republican party, we're hearing them say, we're more globalist than we are american. we're more globalists, than we are a committed to changing the way in which the direct of this country it going. and if we have to continue with another 30-years of a dinnishing middle class and extinction of middle class so be it. >> it is a -- it going to spell the end of the republican party if they stick to this, and don't learn lessons that donald trump is trying to teach them about the
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despair we have in the country right now. all related to work. people want good people want to work. and this is what they have lost. donald trump, has tapped into, that his speeches today were so good. and they were so on point, he was talking about building things about working. you know, when you listen to hillary clinton speeches she is even talking about you know, standing up to china, and we need to make things in america again, it sounds like she is stealing line from donald trump. lou: she is stealing so much. what is a line? >> lou. i think that america's first thing is his best, he should talk about that more, middle class they like that. inspects and moderated string votes they like. >> bait hillary clinton into condemning him for saying america first. >> america is not first where is she?
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lou: a fellow told me today that donald trump should talk about one thing, and one thing only, her name is hillary clinton. and taking this fight to her every moment with every breath. i'm not saying she wrong. i think i would say he has 't about right. charlie and ebony thank you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe that clinton foundation was established for specific purpose of facilitating foreign governments money and donation to influence our presidential elections. cast your vote. on twitter @lou dobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and stain gram, links to everything on, watch as a thrillseeker takes to the sky over new zealand. thin, flies low enough to stick his foot in the water of
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a serene lake. final destination, a packed beach, he is greated, watch. the cheers, the cheers of beachgoers, and beach stayers, i can't find a one there, there it is. you can hear the cheers. just in the background. there we go. there we go. they don't have a lot of beachgoers, but those who were there, we call them a crowd. up next, donald trump hammering hillary clinton's pay for play scandal. that goes on and on and on, and the justice is department says, what in wha? what? >> it called pay for play, you saw this new e-mails come out, new. how do you think hillary would feel if e-mails were never invented.
7:22 pm
would shy b she be happy. like a truth serum. lou: i take up the fallout of clinton worsening scandals in my commentary, and there is much more ahead, you don't want to miss any of it, please stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on foreign influence on our presidential election. foreign nationals and governments are prohibited from making any donations related to our elections. yet the clinton foundation has accepted hundreds of millions in donations from foreign sources including foreign governments. those sources make up third those who have given a million dollars to the clinton foundation since 2001. the foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from a dozen foreign governments.
7:27 pm
but the foundation failed to disclose those donations from a number of countries until 2015. two years after hillary clinton left as secretary of state. they were pressed on the issue and the donations from countries such as kuwait, qatar came to light. a donation from algeria wasn't disclosed to hillary clinton's state department tore obama's government, a violation of the agreement mrs. clinton signed with the clinton administration. it came at a time whennal jeer what was lobbying the stated department heavily. all of this contributing to concerns about pay to play with it comes 0 the clinton foundation. something senator tom cotton slammed mrs. clinton for on an
7:28 pm
interview on "fox and friends." i don't think the clinton foundation and the seem controversy are separate things. i think one of the reasons she set up that insecure server is she wanted to conduct clinton foundation business. it's been like pulling teeth with mrs. clinton for years. it's the way the clintons have been operating for years in the pick eye. lou: most importantly of all, the clintons have gone the away with it, and they still are. the clintons are quite something. and there is every indication in all of this that they have done and contrived and attempted to hide that they constructed through their foundation an organization designed specifically for subterfuge to
7:29 pm
facilitate multi million dollar donations to their foundations from foreign intelligence within the state department, foreign influence our presidential elections, a sharing of god knows what, a kid pro grow question for god knows what, but all of it forbidden by law. hillary clinton acted to consider couple vent our laws and has disqualified herself from high office. at least those americans who have the loyalty to care about such quaint american values such as integrity, honesty in our leaders. a quotation for the evening. "you will never do anything in this world without courage. it is the greatest quality of
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the minds next to honor." aristotle. we are coming right back. donald trump promised to create and preserve jobs for working men and women in this country. our goal is to keep jobs and wealth in america. we are not going to threat them go to all these country hospital think we are the stupid people. we are not stupid. we have stupid leaders. this drone is flying into disputed territory with some very unhappy geese. we'll show how comes out on top next. a lot more coming up right after these important messages. we'll be right back. stay with us. itpicking. but i only had a salad. itpicking. it was a buffalo chicken salad.
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lou: on wall street today it was a record-breaking session for stocks. the three major indexes, all of them at record highs. the dow gained 115 points. the nasdaq gained 24 points. it's the first time since 1999 that all three indexes closed in new record highs. volume. crude settling above $43 a barrel. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast
7:35 pm
to coast on the salem radio network. donald trump attacking hillary clinton's economic policies. trump focused on homeownership. homeownership is at a 51-year low. also drawing a clear distinction between the trump and the hillary clinton tax plans. >> she'll raise taxes $1.3 billion. we are having a massive cut in taxes and a massive cut in regulations. that includes banking regulations for you people. it's impossible for you people to go get mort games. it's hard for -- to get mort gee mortgages. lou: david, great to have you
7:36 pm
with us. let's start with hillary's speech today. at various parts i have to say i thought she sounded like she was paying attention to donald trump and picked up a little republican philosophy and even mentioned the private sector. stunning stuff. >> she sounded like she was channeling donald trump. her plan, remember, was for higher tax, bigger government, and no growth. but then she talked a lot about things that have bin donald trump these. red tape. she talked about that we are builders and we need to be building more. donald trump is the builder and everyone knows that. she hasn't built things. but she was trying to channel that and achieve that. i don't think it worked.
7:37 pm
lou: it was her old boss who said we didn't build that. this is the secretary of state, the president who said we didn't build things in this country, a remarkable series of statements. >> she was talking about hollow trade deals. she was very involved in the trade deals. she was talking about the need for a renaissance in manufacturing. well, as if she wasn't part of what pushed all those jobs abroad. lou: it's strange stuff how a woman who has been in the public life for four decade is suddenly try to pose as an outsider. she even tiptoed right up to anti-establishment before she realized who she was talking about. reporter: she railed on the special interests that run
7:38 pm
washington. almost on trade you had this feeling that she is importing money into the clinton foundation and exporting favors from the state department. and they are running a trade surplus, and that's what makes washington great. lou: the clinton foundation appears to be a contraption created primarily for the purpose of permitting foreign governments to have influence and to intervene in american presidential elections via the clintons. >> i think people will need to get to the bottom of it more. i was at the state department and people were very, very cautious about money, any money flowing. you know, you can't have money flowing from foreigners. yet the clinton foundation was apparently taking money from foreigners. lou: hundreds of millions of dollars.
7:39 pm
you can't get the national liberal media to focus on that reality. peter whiter has done tremendous reporting on this, and a handful of folks have followed. but the truth is we don't know the truth at this point because the national liberal media, yes, i'm talking about the "new york times," "the washington post," their reporters are sitting on their hands looking at what they know to be a tragic, tragic subterfuge of u.s. law and our values. >> absolutely. what's interesting today as the news was trickling out about the sources within the department of justice saying that they had wanted to pursue an investigation and were shouted down, i think that kind of thing may capture the main dream media. you do have apparently people within justice saying this was
7:40 pm
happening. lou: the f.b.i. wanted to open a file, an investigative file of the clinton foundation. there is everything reasonable possibility here of a vast, vast effort to circumvent u.s. law, to subvert law and its meaning. and to influence our elections on its face. yet this justice department is now led by loretta lynch has attorney general. it's stunning, stunning stuff. >> you know, it is. the tragedy is as you look at wait government is not working well, let's be firmer, it's working badly, that that goes into the economy. we had only 1.2% growth the last year. so that's a disaster.
7:41 pm
a lot of young people, a lot of minority are being left out of the economy. i was surprised she didn't even try to address that problem. lou: david we appreciate you being with us. please roll the video and watch as a drone -- that's a bird. a green taking aerial foot and of an historical site and a goose knocks it out of the sky. you know, geese can be nasty pieces of business. just ask that drone. up next, a gold star mother is speaking out about why she thinks done * should be our next commander-in-chief. >> this administration has refused to create an end game for this war and has said negative things about the word victory. i wonder how demoral eyeing it
7:42 pm
is to our troops. we looked to in trump and said you have to win and you have to win the war after you win the election. lou: karen vaughn joins me next. stay with us. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces.
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lou where my next guest is a gold star mother of fallen navy seal aaron vaughn. she met are trump and is convinced trump should be our next commander-in-chief. thanks for being on the broadcast with us tonight. i admire your speaking out. i think that your observations are word that all of us should hear. and specifically what you said about other gold star mothers, including mrs. kahn who appeared at the democratic national convention. you said that you don't believe being a gold star mother entitles you to special iveg. i was taken by that. why do you feel that way? >> i think nobody else can say
7:47 pm
that because of this political correct world we live in, lou. the reason i say that. we are just citizens of this country like everybody else. our sons or daughters are the ones that went out on the battlefield and offered their lives. there was nothing i could have done to stop my son from fighting for this country. i didn't want to. i was proud of the life he chose. but it wasn't my death. he's the one who gave his life and fought to protect and defend us. i don't feel i have some special magical power around me that makes it impossible for anybody to strike back if i strike out. i fully expect if i strike out, somebody will strike back. that's human. lou: as you and your husband did in talking about the rules of engagement of this administration in which you made it clear you thought jeopardized your son unnecessarily.
7:48 pm
when we get into these situations, we have almost become in recent weeks, we are seeing both candidates and i will use the word this way, using gold star mothers and families to support their views. that, too be is a difficult circumstance for the state of our politics, isn't it? >> it is. it's actually tragic that this has come to be. i want to make it clear mr. trump did not negotiate this meeting between the gold star families and myself. i begged for this meeting. i worked with people and we made it happen. i did all the calling. i was honored he took the time to meet with us. when people say -- people have constantly thrown out slurs you are being used by the republicans. first off nobody is using me. i'm thankful to god that, you know, i have a platform to
7:49 pm
speak. and yes the platform did come from my son giving his life. i would pray even if my son hadn't given his life. i'm concerned about the course my country, lou. i'm concerned about what's going to happen if hillary clinton enters the white house. i would be clawing and scratching trying to get a meeting with world leaders to try to stop this nonsense that this administration has impose on our war fighters with these tragic i think criminal rules of engagement which cost my only son his life for sure. lou: we salute your courage. we thank you for speaking out. and the dignity that you possess and bring to this national discussion. we look forward to talking with you soon again. a survivor of the orlando terrorist attack is speaking out after the father of short omar
7:50 pm
mateen attended hillary clinton's rally and did so sitting right behind her. he spoke with my colleague melissa francis earlier today. >> it made snow outraged -- it made me just raged and sick to my -- made sh me outraged. if i was aware i would have moved. i wouldn't want to be around anybody of a family member that killed innocent people that had nothing to do with anything. lou: up next donald trump warning about the dangers of a hillary clinton presidency. if short-circuit hillary clinton ever gets elected, it's going to get worse. it will be four more years of obama, but it will be worse because she is mandated to the
7:51 pm
go to the left. lou: we'll take up donald trump's cautionary words next. stay with us. we'll be right back. won't replacensurance y the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: in our online poll, the question last night, 90% said of you don't believe in polls good or bad for your candidate.
7:55 pm
i'll throw my 2 cents worth in. i'll go with the majority on this one. chris plante, political reporter for the "daily caller," carrie picket. thank you for being here. you heard the gold star mother karen vaughn of the navy seal aaron vaughn. i want your reaction on what you heard, how this woman expressed herself. first, carrie, your thoughts? >> one of the things a lot of people don't know the circumstances behind her son's death. resources that the obama administration did not give her son's military unit is outrageous. one of the reasons the administration doesn't want to talk about the situations surrounding her son's death is the administration did screw up and ultimately because of the fact that they didn't really
7:56 pm
give support to her son's unit, they want to keep it hush, hush. that's one of the reasons why they don't like to talk about karen vaughn very often. lou: your thoughts about her tonight, carrie? >> i think it's wonderful that she is coming forward to talk about her story. this is a great opportunity for her to tell her side, and to talk about the fact that not all gold star mothers are alike as far as the kahns are concerned. lou: chris? >> i have got to say, the extraordinary dignity she displays is reminiscent of an era gone by, an era before barack obama became president and fundamentally transformed the united states of america. these are the people we admired and parades in the past. but in dpams america, she doesn't get the kinds of respect due to her.
7:57 pm
on the death of her son, he was with seal team six, the unit that took down usama bin laden in pakistan. because the obama white house saw that as a publicity opportunity to highlight seal team six freefers remain anone -- prefers to remain anonymous. it was the administration that put a target on the back of the seal team six when the helicopter was shot down. lou: the word is dignity and grace, the way she spoke with great integrity is compelling and irrespective, we have been fortunate enough to have men and women who have the courage and possess the personal dignity to raise -- to elevate our national dialogue and discussion.
7:58 pm
we thank her for that. most assuredly. let me turn to the stuff of presidential politics. is there any question now in your minds as to whether the clinton foundation was founded to permit foreign governments, foreign leaders, foreign nationals to donate tremendous sums of money and to seek influence with our state department and our presidential election? >> you know, this story about the clinton foundation and the clinton global initiative has been around for so throng, and so many reports about it has been coming out, that it doesn't surprise many people it has -- lou: i'm pressed for time, is there any question in your minds? >> no there will be is no question in my mind at all. right now they are looking to
7:59 pm
buy influence and enrich themselves. it doesn't surprise me at all. lou: chris, same question. >> it was set up to line their pockets and allow them to live as billionaires live. and it's a great side door, a gateway for corrupt people to gain access to the children tons, the foundation while hillary was secretary of state it's abun danltsly clear the clintons saw it that way it's a pay for play, buying access. we have been aware of it a long time. i would like to see the news media get on it, but i'm not holding my breath. the obama department of justice decided they are not going to pursue it. the third worlding of america is on going. lou: so much more of it not in the national interest. kerry picket, chris plante, thank you for being with us.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. howie kurtz and tammy bruce will be with us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: oh, mercy, welcome to it. thank you very much, lou. tonight i'm watching hillary clinton and donald trump duke it out over the future of your wallet. and we'll dive into madame secretaries questionable economics shortly. if you love this show, you love freedom, and sometimes loving freedom means defending people's rights even when you don't engage in what you are defending. marijuana will not be rescheduled from the very harsh category where it now sits. despite reaching critical mass


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